160watt Solar Panel Mono-crystalline

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Product Overview

Solar panels are an environmentally friendly (& more cost effective in the long run) solution to charge your battery in between use. It works by using photoelectric materials such as silicon which produces electricity when photons of sunlight strike the solar module. This electricity then charges your battery which in turn can then run your fridge, lights or even your TV throughout the night.

Coast’s solar panels are made from 100% silicon wafers, not cut offs like some lesser quality panels. The purer the silicon, the more efficient the unit will be at making electricity.

*Regulator not included*

  • 160 Watt Solar Panel
  • Max Power Voltage (Vpm): 18.1
  • Max Power Current (Ipm): 8.89A
  • Dimensions (mm): 1482 x 674 x 35